Useful links and resources

A puerile digital arts community which inspired me to start photoshopping.

Another digital arts community - like b3ta, but more arty, less crude. Just as fluffy.

My flickr page
Always updated with what I'm up to - I carry my camera everywhere

An extremely talented graphic designer based in Leeds - check his site out!

This chap does genius pictures often featuring kittens suffering from very poor spelling.

Top Up The Tea
One of the best young photographers I know and a lovely lovely lady. Check out her flickr!

Lovely chap I know through b3ta, a programmer and multimedia developer.

Career Breaks
A superb site, run by a friend - visit today!

Happy Toast
Don't go here - he's too good and I'm jealous ;)

Sugar Spun Sister
A fantastic digital artist, with a well-designed, fun website

Kamikaze Stoat
A lovely chap and the softest hair on b3ta. Plus he's absurdly talented - go see!

Rik's site
A complete git from Norn Iron. He's great. Look at the Illustrated Smiths section - awesome.

Prodigy 69
A true prodigy and some super cartoons.

James Thorpe Gig Photography
A good friend and an excellent photographer - he even manages to make me look pretty!

Jolly Jack
Well endowed squirrels and an exasperated cartoonist. Fantastic drawings and a lovely chap.

A wonderful Scottish animator - I am nearly always to be found using one of her fantastic wallpapers.

Another b3tan who does lovely vectors, normally featuring near-naked ladies.

Kerry. He's not a girl.
A wonderful eye-assaulting cornucopia of delights from a bearded man. Not a girl. No.

Another of those multi-talented b3ta types. Woo!

A superb pixelmash site from b3ta's very own FoldsFive